Bentley Flying Spur W12 S: the fastest supercar of the range is ready for its first deliveries

Bentley enlarges its prestigious Flying Spur range with the Flying Spur W12 S, a sporting supercar, more driveable and above all fastest. It is the first four-dours from Bentley that is able to reach 200mph with unparalleled comfort.

Rapidity becomes a luxury

Bentley’s prestigious vehicles reveal the brand’s famous luxury, recognized by the whole world and amateurs. Of course the Flying Spur W12 S is worthy of the brand’s reputation. As elegant as its grand sisters, the supercar is above all of them in terms of speed and performances. Performances that matches its sporting look…but we will talk about that later.

First let us look at what Flying Spur W12 S’ bonnet is hiding. Because if the car has an increased power it is certainly thanks to the 6L Twin-Turbo W12 engine that can delivers 635PS instead of 625PS for the previous models, and all of that effortlessly.

Then the Flying Spur W12 S is the first Flying Spur to reach 202mph and achieve 0 to 100km/h in only 4.5 seconds. But once again Bentley has thought of everything, because despite of its capabilities, Flying Spur W12 S keeps a sure-footed, engaging drive in all weather conditions and roads.

Indeed, Flying Spur W12 S possesses new responsive suspensions that provide more traction and improve handling. All of that is coming with optional carbon ceramic brakes with red or black calipers. You can also notice new dampers and stability control calibrations improving the vehicle’s responsiveness and agility. Then, if the Flying Spur W12 comes with an S it is because it represents the perfect Sedan for those who wants to be chauffeured or prefer a serene but still exhilarating driving experience.

A look that matches its performances

With such improved performances, Flying Spur W12 S should have an interior and exterior design as sporting as its capacities. Then, its silhouette becomes more athletic, but still represents Bentley’s typical elegance. The car’s rear haunches now appears to be truly muscular, and you can admire the new LED daytime running lights, blackware elements and stylish alloy wheels that accentuates its sporting look.

Flying Spur W12 S is truly contemporary thanks to its gloss-black elements located on the body, giving the car a savage and darker character. New W12 S badges come with a unique black S, and the front and rear lights have been tinted with a dark shade, as well as the wheels.

Inside Flying Spur W12 S you can also find the sporting character of the car and a wider palette of colours. The headrests come with a contrasting W12 S emblem and there is a three-spoke Sport Plus steering wheel. Concerning bespoke, Flying Spur W12 S has single-tone interior with accents in one of 17 unique hide colours.

Finally, for these who wish to let their chauffeur drive the exceptional Flying Spur W12 S they can benefit from high-tech accessories as a passenger and relax or work during their journey. Then, the passenger can control the climate and infotainment system with a Touch Screen Remote, deployed from the rear centre console and directly from the rear seats. The supercar also has a WiFi hotspot.

For all person who wishes to try a sporting but still distinguished driving experience, Flying Spur W12 S will debut its first deliveries at the end of the year!

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