Discover the fastest production super sports cars in the world: Bugatti Chiron

If you thought that you’ve seen everything with Bugatti Veyron, wait a minute and discover its “little” sister, Bugatti Chiron. Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show, the brand surprises while producing the fastest production super sports car in the world.

Control the beast

“Make the best even better” that was Bugatti’s promise while giving birth to Bugatti Chiron, taking all the brand’s characteristics, but improving them to a higher level.

And concerning the evolution, you won’t be deceived with the impressive W16 6.8L engine. Developed to the extreme, it allows Bugatti Chiron to beat all records, achieving a top speed of 420 km/h and presenting 1500 hp, or the highest authorized speed on roads. But the meter still records 500 km/h, because Bugatti Chiron hasn’t reached all its limits!

Its huge efficiency and its incredible power have no equal but its extreme security and unparalleled comfort. Indeed, Bugatti Chiron is the most alert and modern car, with an undeniable handling and many improvement that ensure the driver a unique driving experience.

Unseen innovations

For this new and bestial super sports car, Bugatti has imagined many improvements and totally reviewd its equipment, such as the wires specially designed for Bugatti Chiron, the carbon monohull that is extremely rigid and resistant, or again the totally revisited drive axle.

As for the design, Bugatti Chiron remains us the usual characteristics, very distinctive of Bugatti, but reveals a brand new aesthetic, more aggressive, that answer all the car’s needs in terms of prowess. For example the lateral C-bar, C stands for Chiron that is also an air intake! Then the super sports car appears to be extremely fast, agile, modern and powerful.

Concerning electronics, Bugatti Chiron is the most intelligent production car in the world, that brings ultimate driving condition to allow the driver to focus on the road at high speeds instead of being distracted. And to let him savour each moment, Bugatti Chiron’s cockpit was entirely thought for the driving pleasure: larger spaces, 7-speed transmission that adapts to the shape of your hand, infotainment controls and driving mode selection on the wheel…

That is not a surprise then if Bugatti Chiron, only limited to 500 copies, has already seduced and fill 1/3 of its production, already ordered. These lucky buyers have spent 2.4 millions euros and will receive their car on autumn 2016.

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Discover Bugatti Chiron

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