DEVINCI Classic DB-718 “Adèle” : a superb electric car straight from the 1930s

It’s hard to drive the DEVINCI Classic DB-718 without asking if we haven’t time traveled… Inspired by iconic past models (the Bugatti 35 and many others), this neo-retro jewel takes up the aesthetics of the sports car from the beginning of the XXe century. In spite of its vintage looks, the Classic DB-178 is entirely electric. A perfect alliance between elegance, comfort and pleasure of driving.

The Adèle : a delicious car from the past

Founded in 2017 by pro pilot Jean-Philippe Dayraut, the French firm DEVINCI made its bones thanks to its superb old-school vehicles. Its main car, the DEVINCI Classic DB-718 are as ingenious as they are distinguished. Running boards, spoked wheels, optional mudguard, wood-made pedal-board, steering wheel and interior floor… these sumptuous two-seaters honors the thirties’ sport cars.

The buyer may enjoy three different models of the Classic DB-718 : the Brigitte, the Lucie and the Adèle, the most luxurious one. Limited to five units – three of which have already been sold – this model required a supplement of 200 hours of work. With a hand-painted bright red and its black epoxy tubular frame, the Adele has three different drive set-ups (Eco, Normal and Sport). Thanks to its 24 kWh battery, the vehicle has the best autonomy of its range : 230 km in Eco mode. Premium, distinguished Stand 21 leather composes the interior equipments.

Vintage, but 100% electric

Like the Lucie, the Adèle has a little engin which serves as a generator. Thanks to 8 liters tank, an extender adds 50 km to the DB-718’s autonomy. Speed-wise, the three models can reach a maximum of 110 km/h. Recognized as heavy quadricycles, the Classic DB-718 can swallow the 0-100 km/h in eight secondes. Ideal for week-end getaways !

Funny bonus : a tailor-made drawn vintage luggage storage are sold with the Adele and the Lucie.

To buy the DEVINCI Classic DB-178 “Adèle”, be ready to spend 99 000€.

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