Mansory’s Aventador Carbonado, 2013 Edition

Mansory, the famous customizer and high range tuning specialist, comes back on the front line with a new version of an over-powerful model: Lamborghini Avendator Carbonado. The German firm brings class to the menu with this outstanding supercar in a customized carbon fiber satin mat finishing. The Aventador 2013 edition holds 1250 Hp propelled by a twin turbo engine. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your belts…

Power and elegance put together

The Lamborghini Aventador Corbando by Mansory was built as a monster of high-tech, design and power. The Aventador is over-equipped, provides new functions, unconventional materials, this hyper car is simply a fascination:

1250 hp, which means 550 more than the series version, a 6.5 litres V12 Italian race engine totally redefined and matched with sporting elements including a powerful twin turbo. These customized components allow the Lamborghini Aventador to reach a record of from 0 to 100 km/h I only 2.6 secondes and a top speed of 380 km/h.

With the Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado, Mansory highlights a limitless spirit. Omnipresent, the carbon fiber, this ultra light and extremely resistant material is tailor made by Mansory and gives this model a trademark dimension. Speaking of Lamborghini’s heritage, the scissor doors shape, rear and front lights, are an absolute success.

A fascinating design

The ultra modern and powerful design on this specific version is spot on. Sculpted and sharp lines add a unique design in the world of iconic supercars.
Mansory brings more sporting references such as Koenigsegg or even Pagani, with this immaculate carbon finishing. A self sufficient design, reflecting power and thrilling performances.
The Aventador Carbonado’s inside is made of perfect finshings that breathe luxury and racing sensations. Its upholstery in black and white leather are handmade, as well as a rising carbon touch on pedals, doors, centre-console, which recall the brute but elegant side and reinforce the sharpness and aggressiveness aspect.

Mansory delivers with this model, an air-to-ground missile: the Aventador carbonado wings, the growing sides by 40 millimeters on the front and a remarkable 50 millimeters on the rear, a frontal bumper and newly designed side skirts. A balanced set that fits marvelously the speed lightening lines of this sporting model: I named the Aventador by Mansory.

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