McLaren P1, the Ultimate performance

McLaren, the emblematic team and automotive engineering introduces their new super car limited to 375 units, The Mclaren P1. It’s a milestone in the Automobile History.

McLaren P1, the power limitless

It tooks 50 years of experience, triumph and commitment to design this concept that combine aerodynamics, technology and power. The Mclaren’s ambition is clear : building the best equipment.
The combination between performance and aerodynamics, is the trump cards for this supercar. It’s a pure gem of power : a petrol engine V8 twin-turbo 3.8-liter coupled to an electric powertrains. ( He can reach 0 to 300 kph within 17 seconds)
The main goal is precise : it’s to maximize the air flow through devices specific bases, such as :
– the adjustment of the rear spoiler, which can extend up to 300 mm track maximizing every support levels
– A revolutionary frame ControlRaceActive. It can be adaptable, which lowers the car by 50mm and make the perfect driving on track or on the road with the McLaren P1.
– A system for kinetic energy recovery appointed IPAS , which regulates the power and allows the instant acceleration and also improves the behavior of the fireball in the corners.
– A single cage extremely lightweight carbon fiber of 198 lbs

A perfect finish

The McLaren P1 has a beautifully finished body. The 5 panels front flap , front cover, rear tipper and doors are made ​​with carbon fiber, and their forms are redesigned to optimize aerodynamics . Back to 1981, Mclaren was pioneer to integrate the carbon fiber device.
With a design that leads the air flow, McLaren gets the inspiration from the aircrafts and thus established itself as « avant-garde ».
The connection between the senses is dramatic : improved steering, progressive braking system, reactive and constant acceleration , which gives the driver a smooth sound.

The Brand reflects their core values with a high speed, innovative, sporty, comfortable, lightweight and compact supercar. McLaren wrote a new chapter in the world of supercars with the : McLaren P1.

ligne McLaren P1
McLaren black P1
Vue ligne droite McLaren
black P1 McLaren
Portières McLaren P1
P1 jaune McLaren
aileron P1
red McLaren

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