Novitec Torado N-Largo: Ultra-sports Lamborghini with a punchy and seductive look

Novitec surprises again and goes further and further in ultra-performing sports car improvement. After the Ferrari California T “N-Largo” here is the Lamborghini Torado N-Largo based upon the famous Lamborghini Huracan. The edition is limited to just 25 cars.

Fully enhanced widebody

Lamborghini Torado N-Largo has been entirely renewed in a wider version, larger and sportier. All carbon-made, it represents the perfect balance between punchy look and aerodynamic efficiency.

First the Lamborghini Torado N-Largo has amazing components such as its wheel wells that are 6 centimetres wider, creating spaces for the NL2 wheels specially designed for the car. The whole body was fully designed to reduce the whole car weight and reinforce its strength. On the rear side, that is again six centimeters wider while conserving the wasp waist.

From the rocker panels to the wings, passing by the calipers, all Lamborghini Torado N-Largo’s components are perfectly assembled for a more impressive effect. Designers principally focused on the front side and rear bumpers. As for the front bumper, that is what gives this aggressive look to the supercar. A fender has been added to the rear body for the sport side.

All Lamborghini Torado N-Largo’s new components are optimising the flow of air into the engine. The car is lower, and then faster, drivers who want to enjoy all its power will appreciate the height-adjustable suspension and most effective settings. As for the engine, let’s go and see what’s under the hood…

The engine’s revised version

Concerning its mid-engine, Lamborghini Torado N-Largo accelerates with more power. Then we access to an entirely rebuilt version of the engine with a 5.2-liter ten-cylinder and a rated output of 860 horsepower. That launches the supercar into the league of the world’s most powerful cars.

The exhaust system is prepared in leightweight versions made from materials used in Formula 1 racing. It is perfectly calibrated to the engine and optimizes the vehicle’s performances.

The Lamborghini Torado N-Largo’s interior is fully customisable and available in any desired color with a selection of leather and Alcantara. You can order your supercar as a complete car or a built one based on an existing Lamborghini Huracan Coupe.

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Discover the Lambroghini Torado N-Largo

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