Rolls Royce goes beyond the limit of provocation with the Black Badge versions

Inspired by the world’s most famous rebels and desiring to answer every fiery spirit’s wills, Rolls Royce has imagined two Black Badge versions for the Rolls Royce Dawn and Rolls Royce Ghost.

Rebels spirits alter ego

“A stronger presence, more confident and more powerful” there are the criteria that define the new Rolls Royce Black Badge. Alike the modern generation of free and fiery spirits for those who life is a true passion, this new version answer all demanding drivers’ will who want to show their success.

Always superior in terms of luxury, this new version is darker, as aesthetically as concerning its general look. Designed for youngest consumers, the Rolls Royce Black Badge has carefully designed components and always so sophisticated. To prove this darker attitude, the famous “Flying Lady”, similar to the previous version, is now represented as a brilliant black vamp.

As for the aesthetics, the finishes are also carefully executed until every detail, as the double R, the flanks, and the front of the Rolls Royce Black Badge with their silver on black colour. The chromed surfaces are also more charismatic as the front grille, the tailgate, the air intakes and the exhaust pipes. Add to this the new carbon-fibre rims and a new black colour absolutely unique in the automotive world. Indeed Rolls Royce is proud to announce the creation of a new black, deeper, darker and more intense.

And this interpretation of the dark side imposes itself again in Rolls Royce Black Badge’s cockpit with its carbon-fibre coating. On the dashboard, the Black Badge clock and the “unlimited” infinite sign that is also pictured on the Black Badge seats, express the freedom and the driver’s lifestyle.

Two new exhilarating versions

The spirit of the Rolls Royce Black Badge is different from its oldest sisters, without denaturing their original nature. The two Black Badge versions of the Rolls Royce Wraith and Rolls Royce Ghost have both a more exhilarating driving but are still very different.

The Ghost Black Badge version enhanced the comfort of its passengers, but has a new V12 6.6L engine, that is now improved with 40 more horsepower and now owns 603hp. It is also more reactive and offers more security to the driver.

As for the Black Badge Wraith, it was already the more powerful Rolls Royce car in the world, but it now took special care of the driver’s will. Transmission and suspension have been improved to offer a sportier driving experience that remains more reassuring at high-speeds or in curves.

The two Rolls Royce Black Badge supercars will surely seduce the outsiders who are always searching for new sensations.

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