The Jaguar F-TYPE R, the ultimate driver experience

Powerful, agile and distinctive, F-TYPE is a true Jaguar sports car, engineered for high performance and instantaneously responsive handling – the latest in a distinguished bloodline. Supercharged engines, lightweight aluminium body construction and advanced driving technologies deliver an experience that is intuitive, instinctive and alive. The Jaguar F-TYPE R delivers supercar levels of performance combined with advanced dynamic technologies for the ultimate driver-focussed experience.

The ultimate supercar : the Jaguar F-TYPE R

R is intensity. It provides more and delivers the ultimate expression of F-TYPE: the most powerful, the most dynamically capable, the most thrilling. Powered by Jaguar’s incredible 5.0 V8 550PS supercharged engine with 680Nm of torque for sheer unadulterated performance that is 100 percent exploitable – 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds, best-in-class power and torque as well as best power-to-weight ratios and torque-to-weight ratios.

F-TYPE R’s lightweight aluminium body structure with high torsional rigidity is the ideal platform for a sports car, and is fundamental to the way it performs, handles and feels. This strong, stiff structure provides an inherently stable platform for precise, agile handling and is the perfect complement to the high-performance engine range. Together they produce exceptional power-to-weight and torque-to-weight ratios.

F-TYPE R invites enthusiastic driving. Its supplemental Torque Vectoring technology provides controlled braking on the inside rear wheel, at the same time as feeding more power to the outside rear wheel, to help increase steering performance and inspire even greater driver confidence. The system works in conjunction with the F-TYPE R’s Electronic Active Differential to improve the cornering capabilities and driver control

Configurable Dynamics allows the driver to define which characteristics are altered when Dynamic Mode is selected. This feature is controlled via the Dynamic-i display system, which can show performance indices such as G-Force meter and lap time, plus throttle, steering and brake inputs on the 8 inch Touch-screen.

F-TYPE R offers unparalleled levels of handling, grip and control. It has all the inherent duality of everyday usability with the character of an out-and-out sports car, putting the emphasis on greater agility and excitement and a crisper, edgier temperament.


F-TYPE R is the definitive sports car. Powered by Jaguar’s incredible 5.0 V8 550PS supercharged engine with 680Nm of torque for sheer unadulterated performance that is 100 percent exploitable – 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds, best-in-class power output and power-to-weight. F-TYPE R takes full advantage of the extremely rigid bodyshell. Its stiffness provides the definitive platform for suspension enhancements that can apply available traction and fully harness the immense power on hand.

  • Acceleration: 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds
  • Top Speed: 186mph
  • CO2 Emissions: 259g/km


At one with the car, the wheel and the road – you and F-TYPE connect from the moment the start button is pressed and the engine roars into life. The driver-focused interior combines intuitive technologies and functional ergonomics with a unique sporting style.

F-TYPE R’s interior dials up the intensity of the 1+1 experience to represent the pinnacle of Jaguar craftsmanship and dynamics. The R theme gives the car a unique personality and includes Dark Technical Weave Aluminium on the centre console finishers. There is premium leather with twin needle stitching and, for more lateral support during more enthusiastic driving, body-hugging performance seats with R embossed on the headrest. The car also features an R flat-bottomed sports steering wheel with Ignis paddles. Outboard mounted quad exhausts make a unique statement of sporting intent and performance.

The Jaguar F-TYPE R will be soon available for purchase and will be priced from 104 800 Euros. Discover also our post on the Jaguar XKR-S GT 2014.

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