The Renovo Coupe: the first all-electric American supercar

During the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Renovo Motors unveiled the groundbreaking Renovo Coupe with a production prototype. Founded in 2010 with the mission to build the world’s most exciting vehicles, Renovo has operated in stealth mode for over four years as they developed and refined their patent-pending EV technology.

The Renovo Coupe—the first all-electric American supercar—is the culmination of these efforts.

Drive the Revolution

Renovo Motors sought to create an aspirational vehicle that demonstrates the performance, control, and excitement that is possible with EV technology,” said Renovo’s CEO Christopher Heiser. “We have poured our passion and innovation into the Renovo Coupe in an effort to deliver a truly amazing driving experience, and we’re honored to present the Production Prototype of our car at the Concours d’Elegance.”

The Renovo Coupe sets a benchmark 0-60 time of just 3.4 seconds, the fastest of any production rear-wheel drive electric vehicle. The car’s massive 1,000 foot-pounds of torque is available immediately from a dead stop and delivers perfectly linear acceleration that is unlike any car on the road today.

To deliver both power and efficiency, the Renovo Coupe features a mid-mounted twin sequential axial-flux motors to enable a wide range of driving conditions. When run at full throttle, the motors produce over 500 horsepower. More importantly, the drivetrain ramps to full power in just 37 milliseconds—about ten times faster than the blink of an eye—and further redefines how a performance vehicle can respond to the commands of the driver.

The Renovo Coupe’s incredible performance is made possible by the patent-pending battery technology developed by the Renovo team. Multiple separate battery enclosures enable a performance-oriented weight distribution and minimize chassis volume requirements. In fact, the Renovo Motors drivetrain is less than 40% of the total weight of the car, and yet delivers the highest peak power in its class.

The on-road performance is matched by a fast-charge system that can refill the batteries in just 30 minutes and maintains compatibility with a wide range of standard Level 2 charge systems. At the track, the Renovo Coupe can be charged between run sessions, offering the first true circuit-ready EV.


The Renovo Coupe’s sculpted drivetrain is on full display in its genuine, factory-modified CSX9000 chassis supplied by the world-famous Shelby American brand.

Completely reimagined by award-winning designer Peter Brock, the CSX9000 delivers the features of a modern supercar while retaining the classic and race-proven aerodynamic silhouette of the original 1964 Le Mans winning car.

“The redesigned car has a totally updated body, frame, suspension, and cabin; it’s a new chapter for this chassis”, said Mr. Brock.

The Renovo Coupe features an interior designed to create a more direct and immediate connection between machine and driver. From the cockpit, the driver can access a wide range of controls and information systems. Classic needle gauges surround a modern circular digital display, and a muscular drive selector enables brake regeneration to be adjusted in real-time—another first for a production electric vehicle.

The Renovo Coupe is priced at $529,000 and will be produced at less than 100 units. In a word, the Renovo Coupe will redefine the supercar segment.

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