Sardinera House: the amazing Spanish and contemporary Mediterranean villa

Located on top of a hill between El Protixol and Cala Blanca, Sardinera House was built in order to enhance the Mediterranean landscape and the turquoise sea just a few meters below.

A contemporary architecture

Definitely contemporary, Sardinera House was built in three white concrete blocks, perfectly integrated in the landscape and closed by six-meters glass panes. Its unique design, made with cantilevers, is perfectly merging in the décor until its garden areas, and plays with the blue of the sea and the sky.

On the “sea” side of the Sardinera House, the priority was transparency to let the owner enjoy the most of the breathtaking panorama, as for the other side, it protects from the sun and inquisitive eyes. The house represents at least 1285sq.m and was built in 2014 by Ramon Esteve Estudio, it was entirely made with concrete, cantilevers and Accoya woods.

Luminous interior design

The bet at Sardinera House was to connect the interior with the Mediterranean landscape, and let the sunlight enter each room without compromising its charms.

Then, each space in Sardinera House filters the light, as the huge bay window that connects the indoor pool to the outdoor one that reproduces an amazing shadow effect on the white walls, or the sea that you can see through the transparent staircases.

In the different guest rooms and suites located at the first floor in Sardinera House, each of them has a glass balcony, but nothing comparable to the corner glass wall in the living room. There you can contemplate the sea from any room, whether you are at the gym or in your private sauna.

Sardinera House’s charm stands also in its outdoor spaces and its typical Mediterranean garden, with olive trees. At nightfall, you can contemplate the LED light system that colours the house and enjoy the amazing spectacle under the stars. You can rest at one of the outdoor lounge areas, and observe this spectacular scenery, that enhanced the panoramic view.

Sardinera House is a true architectural wonder with European charm, with unequalled elegance and luxury.

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