Villa Sogno Malibu: the words “dreamed house” have never been so appropriated!

Malibu beaches in California make the whole world dreaming, who does not wish to wake up in front of the Pacific Ocean, listening to the waves? What if we told you that it is now possible? Indeed, Villa Sogno Malibu is actually for sale in front of the beach, and as “Sogno” means “dream”, it could not be more appropriated.

Ocean as far as your eyes can see

Beside its particular Mediterranean architecture inspired by Tuscany, Villa Sogno Malibu differs from other properties with its unique localisation, just in front of Zuma Beach, one of the most wanted in Malibu.

In front of the sea is standing a sumptuous villa built on a 4-acres land with 1022sq.m of living space. Recently built Villa Sogno Malibu hasn’t spared any expense and its impeccable lines characterize its typical silhouette. The perfection of this construction has no equivalent in the neighbourhood and is actually looking for an owner.

A property built for entertainment

Entertainment is indeed the watchword of Villa Sogno Malibu. Through its different rooms all so spacious, we observe an incredible sense of detail and refined and modern design. Thanks to the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, you will be constantly connected to the breathtaking landscape that stands right in front of you. Natural materials and soft tones on the walls offer a peaceful and serene atmosphere throughout the estate.

At Villa Sogno Malibu you can find no less than 5 rooms and 10 bathrooms, an absolute comfort for a quiet life. First the chef kitchen is perfect for conviviality with its multiple seating options, its generous island and its family space with fireplace.

But the most remarkable room in Villa Sogno Malibu remains the majestic main suite, with its eye-catching beamwork, the bookshelf and the twin fireplaces. Huge bay windows connect you to the outside and the sunset.

Keeping a practical mind, Villa Sogno Malibu also owns spacious bathrooms with separate baths for him and for her, bathtubs and walk-in showers to offers maximum space for all. There are also grand walk-in closet that allow the ladies to arrange their most beautiful clothes.

Then for your entertainment Villa Sogno Malibu provides everything you need with a walk-in wine cellar, a playroom located behind a theatre room, a fully equipped gym but also a huge pool with Jacuzzi as in every spa. If you wish to relax outside then again no problem with the vast patio, lounging space and outdoor fireplaces, promising warm moment with all your loved ones in front of the sunset.

If Villa Sogno Malibu makes you dream too, it could be yours for the amount of 29 millions of dollars!

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