Corum Coin Watch: a remarkable historical watch and masterpiece

For the Corum Coin Watch 50th anniversary, the Swiss brand has decided to launch two limited edition and only 100 copies of each: the first one in gold and the second one with silver. A horological masterpiece full of history.

The Corum Coin History

The Corum Coin Watch appeared for the first time in the 60’s -70’s. It represented the perfect match for watch collectors that were also true nostalgic.

Indeed, these Corum Coin Watches were created with true gold or silver coins, impeccably well preserved. True alloy of historical path and contemporary mechanical movement, these specimen were seen at many famous wrists, starting with the American presidents themselves.

The very first edition in 1964 represented a 20$ Double Eagle coin, stamped with the seal of liberty and unique symbol of the growth of the American Nation. Once the Corum Coin Watch was withdrawn from circulation, it became a rare collector’s item that everyone searched for.

Two exceptional new versions

For this exclusive renewal, the Corum Coin Watch presents two new coins. The first one is in gold 22kt and the second one in 925 silver.

The Corum Coin Watch 36mm version represents the 50$ Amercian Gold Eagle coin, as for the silver one 43mm it shows the 1$ Silver Eagle coin. Each of these two pieces was never circulated. Each of them reveals the American Eagle, symbol of freedom adorned with an olive branch, symbol of peace.

Each of the Corum Coin Watch oscillates at 28.000 vibrations / hour and shows a 42-hour power reserve. They are both water-resistant and can reach a depth of 30 metres for the gold version and 10 metres for the silver one.

These historical masterpieces are available separately or as a set and are priced at 11.600€, so do not hesitate and succeed to all the six American President that have already own a Corum Coin Watch!

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