HM8 Can-Am: to all pilots, feel the thunder at your wrist with this unique watch!

Pilots, race-cars lovers or simply horological machine lovers, we invite you today to discover the HM8 Can-Am, new MB&F creation, true supercar for the wrist.

No limit

Imagining HM8 Can-Am, MB&F was inspired by mythical Can-Am Championship, also called Canadian-American Challenge Cup. If you haven’t watch this famous championship between 1966 and 1987 then you should know that many famous cars were developed to race there, from many teams such as McLaren, Lola, Chaparral, BRM, Shadow and Porsche. Only one word was imposed to the racers: “NO LIMIT”! So were competing all cylinders, turbo models and also supercharged ones!

Then you’ll easily understand the spirit of HM8 Can-Am, a three-dimension watch that represents MB&F famous angular shape and prismatic dial. This model pays homage to race-cars in many ways beginning with the polished “roll bars” inspired by Can-Am cars. These bars are milled from solid blocks of grade 5 titanium, a robust and light material, and they shine at your wrist like mirrors.

Fully mechanical, HM8 Can-Am’s engine sits full view under a nearly invisible sapphire crystal engine cover, and the invisibility of the sapphire makes the display even more visible at daylight. As for the numbers, they have been covered by Super-LumiNova and are still clearly visible at night.

Never take your hand off the steering wheel

HM8 Can-Am reveals unparalleled creativity and makes the designer dream come true, as he always wanted to work on race-cars. However these ones are not mounted on four wheels, but on pilot’s wrists.

Beside HM8 Can-Am, you can find a double oil slumps under the watch’s engine, alike race-cars that usually had oil slumps below. The movement is visible everywhere and you can appreciate its remarkable and extremely precise finishes.

Then HM8 Can-Am’s originality stands in the time indications displayed vertically at the front of the case, what the creator calls the “dashboard”. So you don’t have to let go of the steering wheel to tell the time!

Two versions of HM8 Can-Am are available: white gold / titanium or rose gold / titanium. So you don’t have to waist anymore time, just accelerate and get it!

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