Shawn Carter by Hublot

The Swiss watchmaker will unveil next month its brand new innovation: Shawn Carter, and acknowledges the partnership with M. Shawn Carter, aka Jay Z. In between reliability and elegance, Hublot’s new wonder will be revealed at Barney in New York City.

A discrete fusion

The gathering of these names was naturally made, considering that Jay Z’s taste for Hublot has started years ago, the Swiss watchmaker was included in the lyrics in many of his songs.
Passionate about these jewels, Shawn Carter was wishing for this alliance and it’s in the brand’s ultimate values of discretion, between luxury and elegance, that the fusion took place.

The Shawn Carter watch by Hublot, a unique conception

This model is a revisited conception of the Hublot Classic Fusion which is an absolute watchmaking master-piece.

M. Carter conceives this collection with Hublot in the most imaginable unique way.

The dial features Malta’s cross revealing by the way the HUB1300. Well-known movement in the Hublot Classic Fusion, christened ‘ultra thin classico skeleton’. In fact, a manual winding movement , only 2.9 mm height for 90h of accuracy. This high-tech wonder shelters 123 components including 21 stones, a platinum-plated black case. The sense of detail is carefully well expressed in every single piece, even in the Swiss lever escapement.
The innovative gold case gives Hublot quite a uniqueness, by opposition to the red gold 5N used in the Classic Fusion version. There are more than 160 manual tasks executed the way they should in a perfect mastery, which is more than necessary to set up a Hublot case. This model is made in black ceramic (250 copies) in yellow gold (100 copies), surprisingly a first for the Swiss watchmaker.
A unique design, a flawless integration, unequal quality, all these elements make the Shawn Carter by Hublot, a perfect equilibrium between technical nature and know-how. The rare available models were priced at 179000 and 339000 dollars, and still are priceless.

Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-12 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-11 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-10 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-09 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-08 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-07 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-06 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-05 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-04 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-02 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-jayz-01

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