Ralph Lauren goes back in automobile time 80 years earlier with the Skeleton RL Automotive

The Automotive collection by Ralph Lauren highlights horological masterpieces, inspired by the automobile world, back in the 30’s. The designer, in love with his prestigious cars, was inspired by his own Bugatti Type 57SC Coupé Atlantic from 1938 to create the outstanding Skeleton RL Automotive.

Automobile passion through watch-making

There are numerous characteristics in the Skeleton RL Automotive that remind the precious vehicles from the 30’s, as well as the design or the choice of materials. The amboyna burl wood bezels are made with the same wood used in these vintage cars. The elm burl wood dials and black alligator straps evoke the interior of the Bugatti.

The Arabic numbers that are widely visible reminds us the gauges that are characteristics of Mister Ralph Lauren’s car. The watch’s Swiss mechanical movement also refers to Bugatti’s engine. As the car itself, the Skeleton RL Automotive is handcrafted, built by talented and remarkable craftsman.

Craftsmanship and high technicality

Skeleton RL Automotive measures 45mm and is animated by a hand-wound mechanical movement specially designed for Ralph Lauren. The plate has been carefully cut away to reveal all the watch’s complex mechanics. This one runs at a frequency of 18.000 vibrations per hour and has a 45-Hours power reserve.

On the subdial, there are the white Arabic numbers and at 12 hours is discreetly affixed the RL logo. The case has a satiny mate finish that is absolutely perfect. The amboyna burl wood bezel that we have evoked earlier, was carefully worked, nad-cut and polish by an expert craftsman. Finally the Skeleton RL Automotive is a perfect marriage between fine watch-making, craftsmanship and automobile passion.

Skeleton RL Automotive is available on Ralph Lauren website and priced at 43.900€

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