The Big Block Winder by ORIGINTIMES

ORIGINTIMES, the contemporary luxury watch-winder brand from German company MTE Motion Technology, launched a very exciting product aimed at avid watch collectors: the Big Block Winder, a watch-winder based on the engine block of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

16 cylinders powering 16 timepieces

The Big Block Winder combines the latest automotive and watch-winding technology, making it a highly desirable objet d’art for collectors passionate both by cars and watches.

After several months of development, ORIGINTIMES has successfully created a 16-slot watch-winder, complete with a touch-panel control, from the engine block that normally produces the 1,200p for the world’s fastest production car.

Each of the winders is housed in a cylinder bore, where the pistons would normally be. Thanks to the equally novel, the settings of each winder can be programmed individually, meaning you can adjust the direction of rotation and start and stop times for the different self-winding watches on display.

This system also controls the LED lighting, which uses different colors to indicate the operational status of each winder.

The Big Block Winder weighs 45 kg, and there are almost unlimited customization options available: burnished, matt or even gold-plated surfaces and for the inside of the winders: Alcantara, leather and kidskin suede.

The customizable Big Block Winder by ORIGINTIMES is the ultimate toy for any Veyron owner. Whether displayed in a library, an office or a living room, this Bugatti watch-winder is sure to make a statement.

ORIGINTIMES priced their Bugatti Veyron Big Block Watch Winder at around $100,000.

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