The Bugatti Mythe by Parmigiani Fleurier

The meeting between Parmigiani Fleurier and Bugatti took place in 2001. At this time, the prestigious Molsheim-based firm was seeking to build a strong association with a watchmaker with a propensity for  technical excellence, but also artistic flair, a heightened awareness of design and the elegance of forms.

The partnership between Bugatti and Parmigiani Fleurier was formalised in 2004. Since then, the Fleurier-based manufacture has striven to create timepieces for the Bugatti collection which are far more than a watch stamped with a car marque logo; they are cars reborn in watch form.

The Bugatti Anniversary

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the partnership, in 2014, Parmigiani Fleurier is unveiling three limited editions of the Bugatti timepiece. The brand has decided to take the iconic Bugatti 370 model, and its transverse tubular movement, as its basis, as it marked the creation of the partnership in 2004.

The Bugatti Mythe, the Bugatti Victoire and the Bugatti Révélation are the new versions of this Anniversary Limited Edition. These three pieces moved away from the hi-tech, futuristic spirit of some of the Bugatti creations and  gave advantage to artisan’s traditional techniques.

The return to classic “Haute Horlogerie” techniques here marks a desire to recognise Parmigiani Fleurier’s history, and the essence of the brand.

The partnership between Parmigiani Fleurier and Bugatti is celebrating its 10th anniversary and, as these prestigious new timepieces testify, going from strength to strength.

The Bugatti Mythe

The first of the Anniversary Edition timepieces, the aesthetic of the Bugatti Mythe is based on an emblematic Bugatti component: the legendary Type 57 grille.

This grille, which graced the very first Bugatti cars, has a striking structure, formed of lines rather than mesh. These lines are echoed in the watch dial and they extend downward beyond its perimeter, affirming the Art Deco style which made the historic grille such a success.

In addition to this homage to Bugatti’s history, the Bugatti Mythe timepiece also pays tribute to the ongoing collaboration between industrial and artisan traditions in both the automotive and watchmaking worlds. Inextricably linked at Bugatti, industry and craftsmanship see their potential combined in every creation, and this is what the brand’s reputation is based on.

The Bugatti Mythe evokes this marriage through the dual-colour effect of the surfaces of its case middle. A mottled anthracite grey surface, which reinforces its “industrial” appearance, represents this side of the spectrum; the burnished, gold surfaces reflect the refined, artisan side.

The watch is powered by caliber PF370, which features manual winding using a dynamometric starter. The cylindrical shaped 18K rose-gold case measures 32.40 by 52.50 by 18.6 mm, and features a satin and polished hammered finish. The movement beats at 3Hz, has 314 total components, 37 of which are jewels, and a 10-day power reserve, thanks to 2 series-coupled barrels.

The Bugatti Mythe is presented on a black Hermes calf skin strap with rose gold folding buckle.

The Bugatti Mythe is possessed of a powerful symbolism, which encapsulates the history of two brands and the success of a collaboration. Its price is set at $ 430,000.

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