The WRX Edition Manufacture « Torpedo » by RALF TECH

RALF TECH has been completely dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for Professional scuba diving since 1998. The 5th of July 2005, RALF TECH has broken the diving world record with an immersion lasting 10 hours at minus 330 metres. On that day, the diver was wearing the very first RALF TECH Watch, the WR1.

In 2008, RALF TECH completely devoted its efforts to creating timepieces with a strong DNA, watches with character, at the same time accurate, reliable and sturdy.

RALF TECH, Éditions Manufacture

RALF TECH is, by definition, a Niche Brand, independent by conviction, atypical by nature, irreverent by spirit.

Watchmaking and design are at the centre, everything else is secondary. For RALF TECH, Horology is an Art that perfectly blends vintage and modern, tradition and technology. RALF TECH offers a new vision of time, of the world and its differences.

As you can well imagine, RALF TECH is not destined to mass markets. There is no point in looking for RALF TECH watches in department stores, big watch chains, airports, or internet websites. You will find these unique timepieces at the wrist of the true horology enthusiast, passionate and informed.

Exclusivity : this the word ! Seen in this light, RALF TECH created the « Editions Manufacture » timepieces, a very artisanal production that follows the principle of « Numérus Clausus ».

Indeed, each series is  composed only of a few “special” pieces and is never reissued. Depending on the collection, only 1 to 22 pieces are produced, some are customizable upon request. All the pieces are constructed, decorated and assembled entirely by hand by a single watchmaker, warranting an outstanding finish quality and total exclusivity.

Featuring ultra modern tools, controlling all stages of production of a movement, from conception to realization through the development of parts and their decoration, RALF TECH perpetuates the traditional know-how with a note of Switzerland originality and more.

The uniqueness of a RALF TECH « Edition Manufacture » timepiece lies not only in its mechanical complexity but also in the handcrafted finishing techniques that are used in its production.

Aside from the audacious design, such features and the attention paid to the smallest detail is what distinguishes a timepiece of the « Edition Manufacture » by RALF TECH.

The WRX Manufacture « Torpedo »: an extraordinary timepiece

In February 2003, F. Huyghe and his team buddy A.Sidali found the proof of the existence of a Spanish C3 submarine that sank in 1936.

Believed to have disappeared forever, the craft was lying on the bottom 75 meters deep revealing the ravages of time on its battered and rusty hull. Inside, the remains of ancient battles and torpedo tubes still full…

After this outstanding experience, RALF TECH decided to create the WRX Manufacture “Torpedo”. With a nod to history, the WRX Manufacture “Torpedo” has decorations on its dial reproducing the control panel at the back of a torpedo tube.

Combining several materials and different layers, the WRX Manufacture “Torpedo” is completely handmade and requires more than 60 hours of hard labour to carry out the different technical steps to create the timepiece, from machining parts to their assembly.

Introducing the new automatic mechanical Manufacture “Calibre 63” movement, the WRX Manufacture “Torpedo” invites you to travel back in time to pay tribute to the crew of the C3 submarine. A result of two years of research, and entirely developed, manufactured and assembled internally, the new movement RALF TECH is first of all anything reliable and precise.

The WRX Manufacture “Torpedo” is issued in a limited edition of 10 pieces for a price of 9800 €.

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