Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo unveils its new setting to provide unprecedented wellness

As a prelude to the Hôtel de Paris renovations, the mythical Palace of the Casino Square, directly connected to the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, unveils new fully re-designed surroundings to offer its customers more space, technology and serenity.

Its sea view magnified, with personalized care, outdoor jacuzzi and cryotherapy room (the only one in Europe), the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo of the third millennium has kept its promise: to bring life to each wellness experience and to offer completely new treatments.

An exceptionally sublime setting

Suspended between sky and sea, the building’s pink marble gives guests a feeling of time standing still for an unforgettably rejuvenating journey.

Stretched toward the sea, each renovated space compliments the beauty of the landscape; the fascinating Mediterranean light and colors that change with time; sapphire and turquoise, ultramarine with emerald.

It is a sight to savor from the landscaped solarium terrace, panoramic fitness room, outdoor jacuzzi or even “L’Hirondelle” restaurant and its terrace.

Echoing this, only the finest materials -oak, mahogany – interact with sleek shades. With an immaculate white backdrop, silver and mosaic designs form rays of light around the vast seawater pool when the backlit blown glass resting on pillars and walls displays a delicate interplay of transparencies evocative of the reflection of waves.

In tune with this new setting, a signature scent provides further olfactory escape. Bergamot and sunny orange blossom, balsamic notes of cypress, pine resin freshness, sensuous jasmine… for its guests, the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo captures the Mediterranean essence, captured here and there for pure pleasure.

For the decor, “the combination of silver and azure mosaic canalizes controls and makes the light shine hour after hour. In the wet zones such as toilets, treatment rooms and swimming pool, white dominates, matt, satin, glitter, powder. It symbolizes light, purity, it is the resultant of the mixture of all solar spectrum” develops the designer Olivier Antoine.

“So, the major part of floors in dry areas is treated in parquet, the wood bringing a vegetable, natural, warm, reassuring and almost carnal note. A particular attention was brought to the light, ever direct, always soft and muted. The inside of the swimming pool is decorated with mosaics in a gradation of colors to recreate the natural color of the sea water “.

A new experience in treatments and wellness

Guided daily by the motto “Here we offer the dream” of François Blanc, the founder of the Société des Bains de Mer, Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo has at the heart of its renovation program the aim to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Lined with huge windows overlooking the Mediterranean and capped with a ceiling of iconic shells, the majestic heated seawater pool is surrounded by seven private cabanas offering direct access to the Hôtel de Paris and the Hôtel Hermitage.

Not far away, nestled in a Mediterranean garden, the solarium invites you to unwind. A delicious experience of which you’ll never tire is to let your mind wander in the large outdoor hot tub facing the sea whilst sipping a personalized detox cocktail or a glass of vintage champagne.Then go and discover the virtues of the ice fountain or Turkish bath; distinctly different, the one dedicated to women neighbors a sentorium, while the men’s Turkish bath adjoins a Russian banya, guaranteeing absolute relaxation.

A first for an establishment of well-being, the cryotherapy room Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo offers the benefits of cool temperatures.

Believing that human and professional thriving are inseparable, since its establishment the facility has no less than 28 different specialists.

To top it all off, the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo has also been awarded the Monaco Welcome Certified, by the Department of Business Development Agency of Monaco for the welcome excellency provided.

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