858 Fantom Air: an even classier variant that represents Frauscher’s vision of luxury yacht

Frauscher astonishes us again with an elegant vessel, manageable and performing called 858 Fantom Air. This elegant variant of the 858 Fantom offers even more technologies but style with great style.

Even more elegant

858 Fantom boat has already seduced us with its elegant and refined allure so you’ll easily understand why we love even more this improvement called 858 Fantom Air. Airy, spacious…this vessel will be much loved by marine sensations lovers.

8.5m-long 858 Fantom Air is absolutely exquisite with a slender profile and abundance of teak wood everywhere. From the deck and loung the material is everywhere until the aft thanks to a wooden bridge that links the two parts. Concerning lounge space this one is upholstered with white leather just behind the centred cockpit. There you’ll find the reason why this boat contains the word “Air” in its name because it is totally opened.

Comfort and technologies on board

Each Frauscher boat is equipped with high-end technologies in terms of equipment and innovations. Then life on board is even more comfortable and entertaining thanks to the brand’s partners who have helped building new 858 Fantom Air like Clarion, Bose or Fusion Electronics. With their help you can have Bluetooth but also an Ipod, Iphone and USB dock as well as numerous sound equipment that will let you enjoy the best sound navigating on waters.

For entertaining stops all the brand’s boats and so 858 Fantom Air are equipped with a retractable ladder but this one is also made with teak wood. You can also display it from the water and then climb in the boat with ease.

Finally, a cleverly hidden 30-L fridge located under 858 Fantom Air seats ensures refreshments. You can open it with a simple push on a button located on the driver’s console and savour fresh beverages at any time! Other storing spaces are hidden all along the yacht for your luggages, clothes or everything you can put in a drawer!

To conclude, you can seat 9 persons on board but only 858 Fantom Air’s owner will pay 199.536€ to buy one!

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