Arrow 460-Granturismo: your floating Mercedes has finally come true!

Luxury cars and even helicopter, Mercedes only needed to dominate an other element: water. And it is a successful bet thanks to the Arrow 460-Granturismo, Mercedes-Benz Style’s first yacht that should cost almost $1.7 millions!

A true Mercedes of the Seas

Mercedes-Benz Style has imagined and built this amazing 14-metres long yacht in collaboration with Silver Arrow Marine, a boat-building company located in UK that employs world-renowned marine architects. Nicknamed “Silver Arrow of the Seas”, the yacht Arrow 460-Granturismo perfectly mixes luxurious and futuristic design with unseen innovations in the boat industry.

The challenge was to adapt Mercedes codes to the specific requirements of a boat in terms of proportions, space and versatility. Then the Arrow 460-Granturismo appears to be a perfect combination of comfort, style and power. The exterior and interior remain perfectly the material used in Mercedes Cars design, while being perfectly integrated to the yacht for a maximum of space.

Luxurious, comfortable and functional

At first sight, we immediately recognize Mercedes standards. The Arrow 460-Granturismo yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests, into a versatile and functional interior. This silver vessel can also be proud of its 960hp.

Inside, it is full of innovations and the Arrow 460-Granturismo has nothing to envy to the other yacht of its category: large retractable windows, extendable tables and beds, luxurious bathroom, dressing room, air-conditioning and even a wine cellar and ice making machine.

What is particularly impressive in the Arrow 460-Granturismo yacht is the clever use of space, very well imagined and accommodated.

If you live near from Nice (France), you have maybe seen the Arrow 460-Granturismo, because the first tests were executed brilliantly a short time ago in Mediterranean sea, that should announce a quick commercialisation!

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