The first underwater limousine by U-Boat Worx

Created by U-Boat Worx, the world leading company in building submersibles, the C-Explorer 5 is the world’s first underwater limousine. Symbol of luxury and style, the C-Explorer 5 is the ultimate submersible.

Experience underwater life

The C-Explorer 5 is a fully air-conditioned mini-submarine that seats four plus a pilot. With an eight-hour battery life, the C-Explorer 5 can reach depths of 300m. Thanks to its practical configuration and full 360-degree acrylic pressure hull, the C-Explorer 5 cruises at 3 knots below the surface offering unparalleled performance. 

Freedom, autonomy and vision, the C-Explorer 5 offers an infinite array of opportunities that are just waiting to be explored. For yachts to explore the depths down to 300 metre of the oceans and for tourist operators that want to offer their clientele a semi-private undersea experience, this submersible is forging a new window of opportunity.

The smart deflatable ballast tanks system serve a dual purpose, not only are they used as ballast tanks. They act like barrier space and as bumpers which makes the submersible extremely safe. Extra features include imaging sonar, LED lights, a HD video camera and an arm attachment for grabbing those doubloons from the sea floor.

All personal submersibles are handmade and can be customized to cater the demands of the clients. The C-Explorer 5 can unambiguously call itself world’s first subsea limousine.

With a starting price of $2.46 million, the C-Explorer 5 brings luxury to a new low.

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