Kormaran: choose the perfect compromise between a catamaran and a floating sport car

Kormaran is a truly unique vessel. At first sight you could only be seduced by its elegance, and when you will hear about all its characteristics nothing should prevent you from succumbing to its monohull, catamaran or trimaran versions.

Drive / glide / fly

Everything is possible with Kormaran, thanks to both hull engines with two jet drives that give you sport car sensations. But don’t worry, stability and comfort are everywhere, like catamarans, beginning with its adjustable height that allow you to climb easily into the cabin.

In addition to easily navigate on the oceans, Kormaran has a trimaran mode that transforms the whole boat into a more stunning vessel, improving its stability with elegance and softness. With this trimaran mode, you will have a maximum of manoeuvrability and you can even move sideways for docking. And all of that without feeling waves thanks to a weight adjustment that allow smooth navigation even with the hydrofoils option.

But that’s not all! With Kormaran, you can also fly at up to one meter above sea level thanks to hydrofoils option and its third central engine. Discover the feeling of a true jet plane while savouring comfortable and smooth ride, without any wave or disturbance. Then, this mode allows long distances with low fuel consumption and is particularly efficient in close curves.

Finally at night, discover Kormaran’s other face, which appears to be absolutely stunning thanks to the breath taking led design. A true elegance that is only equal to its performances.

Floating Formula 1

7.1m long, Kormaran’s engine can reach 310hp with the basic version and more than 600hp with upgrade version. All of that can achieve 70km/h with hydrofoils version.

If Kormaran is so powerful, it is surely because it can adapt itself to each type of situation. It perfectly combines comfort and security, elegance and power. Innovating systems transform the ship, changing the distance between the hulls and the height of the passenger cabin. Each parts of the system are made of carbon fiber and stainless steel for a truly lightweight vessel.

Then Kormaran was thought and engineered alike Formula 1, alike its monocoque produced by world’s leading carbon fiber manufacturers for super sport cars. The parts of transformation system are also engineered by Le Mans racing, another thing in common with races.

You can personalise and modify Kormaran depending on your wishes, so do not hesitate to customize your vessel to sail the oceans!

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