Discover the sea in a totally different way this summer aboard Mazu Thirtyeight yacht

No need a gigantic yacht to navigate with style. Indeed, Mazu Thirtyeight yacht will allow you to savour marine air with full speed with all necessary comfort and with an extreme facility.

As its name indicates, Mazu Thirtyeight yacht has remarkable dimensions: 12m/38“. With its open top, it can transform into a true leisure boat for all-day use in order to fully enjoy the sea and summer’s most sunny days.

As many Mazu yachts, Mazu Thirtyeight yacht distinguishes itself by its sleek and aggressive profile but still so refined. The carbon fibre hull is the principal asset of its perfect aesthetic. And inside, there again the design is absolutely stunning and the comfort remains unparalleled.

Indeed, Mazu Thirtyeight yacht has nothing to envy to biggest luxury yachts as it is fully customisable. Outside, you can enjoy group escapes comfortably accommodated on “al fresco” dining space while inside everyone can rest in the spacious main suite with refined bathroom and separate shower. A cabin crew is also available.

Then for your greatest pleasure you will enjoy a barbecue on the most beautiful seas aboard Mazu Thirtyeight yacht thanks to the grill, or any kind of meal cooked with the oven or microwave. Add to this a fridge and freezer to keep all your beverages fresh. Finally, outdoor shower and diving platform are available on the aft deck to create memorable moments with your friends.

As Powerful as Biggest Yachts

Concerning performances, Mazu Thirtyeight yacht has nothing to envy again to mega-yachts as it can reach a 30-knots cruise speed and a top speed of 45 knots. Then stability is ensured in order to never disturb passengers.

Mazu Thirtyeight yacht is also equipped with a Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system that will make you realise true fuel savings thanks to its 5 kWh generator. The yacht also comes with air conditioning and the most modern and most accessible system on the leisure boats market.

Indeed, thanks to this system Mazu Thirtyeight yacht can reach a biggest distance (40% more than the other yachts in the same range), a 20% fastest top speed as well as reduced CO2 emissions and a true reduction noise.

In other words, Mazu Thirtyeight yacht only has qualities and can also be ordered in two different colours! It only remains to be seen how much the boat costs but whatever its price is, it is certainly worth some memorable moments on the sea!

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