Silver Wind: the first yacht with a hybrid water-jet system

ISA Yachts presents Silver Wind, its first ever ISA 140’ (43,63 meters) composite motor yacht, the only yacht combining very high performance with low consumption, thus solving many clients’ great dilemma.

Hybrid propulsion system 

Thanks to her unique hybrid propulsion system developed by Siemens and ISA Yachts, Silver Wind can both run at the maximum speed of 32 knots and a cruising speed of 26 knots with a “traditional” propulsion system consisting of two marine diesel engines driving two Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjets through reduction gear-boxes, and navigate at low speed of 8 knots with two main engines off, where the two waterjets are powered by the two electric motors connected to the gearbox.

The same electric machines connected to the gearbox can work as shaft-generators during cruising, where the diesel generators can be switched off. The two diesel generators also supply power to the electric users and can work at variable speed, minimizing therefore the fuel consumption, the noise, the emissions and the maintenance needs.

At electric mode, the total fuel consumption is 90 l/h for a range of 2600 nm, so extremely important for yacht transfer without guests onboard, as consumption goes from 55 l/nm at max yacht speed to 11 l/nm with electric mode on.

Last but not least, when anchoring, with a reduced last of the board consumers, the diesel generators will run at reduced speed, with great benefit for the overall comfort.

In short, the advantages of hybrid propulsion are countless.

Exclusive Design

Silver Wind is a 3-deck planing composite motor yacht that uses innovative design to influence the owner and guest experience on board. Focused on elegant yet relaxed lifestyle, this stunning 43m balances light indoor areas with generous outdoor deck spaces, creating an open environment that emphasizes panoramic sea views while ensuring privacy.

Her exterior design is the work of Andrea Vallicelli which carries a bold and dramatic feel from the exterior through into the interior spaces. Strong diagonal lines run from the sundeck to the stern, mirroring the flair of the distinctive sweeping staircases.

With her 4 cabins, Silver Wind can accommodate 8 guests, who can enjoy navigation and at-anchor relaxing moments on the yacht extensive outdoor spaces, a huge sundeck and a cosy beach area with a generous swimming platform.

Interior design is signed by Valentina Zannier / Nuvolari & Lenard. What defines Silver Wind’s interiors is a balance between relentless pursuit of themes which recur throughout the boat and the spirit that keeps the decoration linked to a sober classic, yet contemporary mood.

Silver Wind shows a combination of timbers such walnut, high gloss ebony, satin rosewood and bleached walnut, and the distinctive of each wood is emphasized by the furniture design and the joinery details that become part of a tasteful ensemble.

What mostly catches the attention is how the main materials are mixed, woods and precious stones like onyx and marbles are blended with special decorative elements, artglass cascade, mother of pearls trimming and carved metal panels.

Fabrics are surely one of the most interesting design motifs, Armani Casa and Hermes upholstery distinguish the wall’s decoration repeating a pattern which is a trait and a tribute to early 20th century French style, as well as the metal straw marquetry which accompanies the other sophisticated finishes in the main deck that includes the owner apartment.

Ivory onyx, arco iris onyx for the owner bathroom, azul macauba, rosa Portugal and cipollino Greco for the guest area match the overwhelming handmade custom mosaic composed for Silver Wind by the well-known Italian company Sicis.

Certainly, the most sophisticated interior for a yacht in this class !

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