The Vandutch 55 : An affluent trendy « Day-boat »

The VanDutch 55 borrows the main aspects of its younger brother the VanDutch 40, this jewel of 16.5-meter long and 4.5-meter wide. It embodies undoubtedly the luxury Trendy boat, a minimalist style featured to a sharp taste. Developed by Frank Mulder Design Office, it is the output of a brilliant idea which is reproducing an XL version of the iconic VanDutch 40, by retaking the same silhouette and straight bow.

The VanDutch 55 offers a wider on-board experience with a larger space, carrying an immense sunbathing area in the back. It also holds an external dining zone safely protected by an expensive windshield, in addition to an electric bimini.

This cruise ship with an inventive look has obviously left its mark on the luxury ‘day-boat’ range. It includes a variety of choices: a customizable living space from two to three cabins designed with an immaculate finish and a detail oriented conception.

Its architecture points out the Dutch manufacturer’s refinement, known for its purified trademark. Indeed, it draws a combined spirit: of both leisure and performance…

The design will blow you away and the handling provides you a high level navigation experience.

vandutch55 chambre
VanDutch 55 bateau
Cabine Vandutch55
Vandutch 55 boat

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