Wally Saudade 148, for an unforgettable cruise ship

Imagined in Italy by Tripp Design Naval Architecture and Wally-Eidsgaard Design, The Saudade 148 is a luxury yacht of 45-meters. It was extremely well conceived, it can host a crew of 6 people and up to 8 guests.

The Wally Saudade 148, a design and futuristic yacht
The owner of the Saudade 148, a German experimented sailor, has required a jewel that’s able to be a world tour cruiser. It was equipped to remain in the ocean for weeks without being refueled. That’s why a set of strong materials and the best technical systems were installed on board.

The interior is simple but elegant. The wood of a clear color stands out the modern design and emphasizes the owner’s Asian paintings. This last has managed a wide space to set up his own suite and his own office. Two double cabins are dedicated to guests, and a spacious living room  surrounded with sofas, that makes a cozy spot for guests.

We had discovered the Saudade 148 for the very first time in 2008, during the Monaco Yacht Show. At that time, it was the biggest yacht ever built. The audience was impressed by its captivating elegance and performances.

yacht dimension
vue saudade 148
interieur saudade 148
yacht luxe
navigation luxe
sausade pont nuit
yacht vue ciel
croisiere saudade 148

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