‘AMB House’ Bungalow and its Brazilian jungle

Architect brothers from Jacobsen Arquitetura built an outstanding bungalow in Brazil. Midway between a jungle adventure and total luxury, the ‘AMB House’ Bungalow offers the comfort of the greatest hotels right in middle of a tropical rainforest.

Fully integrated in the surrounding vegetation, the bungalow is taking advantage of this luxuriance that is favouring shaded areas. The rooms of the bungalow enjoy an intimate setting which is intensified by the contrast between the large interior volumes and the abundance of the external nature.

In this cocoon nested in a lush green environment, the most luxurious amenities are made available. A mezzanine, that overlooks the living room, provides a panoramic view over the jungle through large picture windows while the infinity pool offers an amazing eyrie over the ocean.

Built of Cumaru wood, a tree growing in the immediate vicinity of the bungalow, this hillside house blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

jacobsen-arquitetura-AMB-03 jacobsen-arquitetura-AMB-04 jacobsen-arquitetura-AMB-05

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