Wood, carbon and composite… Benoît Ipas, a unique creator

Using mainly composite, Benoît Ipas’s a rarity in arts… Since 2015, this creator based in Toulouse employs wood’s nobility and carbon’s robustness to produce singular, but luxury furnitures. Teak et resin lamp, classy chessboard, epoxy and elm table… this artist has an impressive and highly technical portfolio. Benoît Ipas says he’s inspired “by everything. I look at all things surrounding me” he shortens during an interview with De fil en déco.

Highly technical furnitures

A composite material combines the strength of two components into a sole and improved element. Playing with wood and carbon properties, Benoît Ipas is only jeopardized by his imagination. Some of its productions certify his wild and creative mind : a monochromatic Captain America’s shield or even a poker table. By the way, the latter is one of his most impressive creations. Equipped with a high-sheen polished carbon fiber platter and leather edges with topstiches, the said table is even compliant with poker competitions.

For such stunning results, the work can stretch to several months. To guarantee his creation solidity, Benoît Ipas applies a succession of carbon fibers and resin. Before the ceramic varnish is placed on top, he rectifies some imperfections with resin injections. It’s a crucial step as it prevents the formation of unevennesses. The result is stunning.

Fancy and refined

Picky, modern and refined, Benoît Ipas’ furnitures perfectly merge with contemporary interiors. Holder of several diplomas in engineering, he mainly uses black – a common feature of his carbon based productions. Limited editions or single copies, some of its creations are customisable (paint, movable elements like fabric…).

Regardless, Benoît Ipas is careful about his materials. Olive tree, oak, elm tree or walnut tree, choosing woods leave nothing to chance. In a same way, used resins are selected with care. His goal ? To create a place for himself in luxury and top range furnitures market. His poker table and its carbon chessboard (both exceptional pieces) are available for sale.

Discover Benoît Ipas and his creations in his website

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