Desire Obtain Cherish: an nonconformist artist to follow

Desire Obtain Cherish is a turbulent LA-based artist. After graduating of a Fine Arts bachelor at Parson’s school, he began his career as a street artist and then evolved towards a more conceptual, appropriative art.

His very controversial committed artwork erodes with genius several sensitive or sometimes inconvenient themes. Even in the street, he shows to everyone his subversive projects: DOC is the author of several billboards convicting strong messages against our society’s violence or against mass consumption.

In his exhibitions, he points current affairs in a very efficient provocative way by displaying new-born babies on luxurious brand IVs, platered drugs dressed in logos, PVC lollipops or even a crime scene based on an ice cream.

For the moment, Desire Obtain Cherish only displays his work in the USA, but we do not doubt that he will soon cross the Atlantic Ocean.

desire-obtain-cherrish (1) desire-obtain-cherrish (2)

desire-obtain-cherrish-6 desire-obtain-cherrish-10 desire-obtain-cherrish-8

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