The living and sumptuous art by Richard Orlinski

The French sculptor Richard Orlinski was born in Paris in 1966, he became a sculptor in 2004 to create artwork about a rule-breaking concept ‘Born Wild’, a very special talent that allowed him later to become in 2010 the 2nd best selling French contemporary artist.
Inspired by pop art, he uses industrial materials such as resin and aluminum following a foundry process, but also marble, bronze and stone.

Richard Orlinski, an atypical artist of contemporary art

Far from conventions, a trendy art, Richard Orlinski takes seat within those artists who create artworks which question perception codes of our consumer society. As a matter of fact, he uses reduction and repetition, denouncing loudly the mass production of cultural industry.
From a special object, the ‘croco’, to over-developed artworks, Orlinski offers a preview of what contemporary art is all about. Animal, monumental or decorative, these objects develop a powerful visual impact that soaks perception with perplexity.
Richard Orlinski’s artwork represents smooth and brilliant surfaces able to reflect volumes with ease.

Panther and jeans, when sublimation meets mystery

His artwork the ‘Panther’ was tailored to different facets such a diamond and has got a head four times bigger than reality. Symbol of femininity’s mystery and sensuality, the diamond panther is an absolute evidence of contemporary art, linking speed to ferocity.
It’s in 2008 that Richard Orlinski thought of giving back life to jeans, one of our society’s most consumed materials. After two years of maturation, the idea becomes an event, and the result is astonishing: a pair of jeans without pedestal that seem like walking.
In some aerial artwork, jeans sculptures are molded in a vertiginous verticality. Red, turquoise, pink, fushia or even silver, the pairs of jeans look wavy to enhance the picture of motion.

The originality of Richard Orlinski is an open call to senses and gives subtly a breath of fresh air to contemporary art, in a selective style that never brings trash to the table, neither extravaganza nor derisory.

Jean Orlinski 2
Jean-black-Richard-Orlinski-collection 2
Orlinski Richard 2
orlinski-jean red2
Panther silver 2

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