10711 Strait Lane Dallas: a gigantic French mansion listed for 33 millions dollars

This is very much in Texas and more precisely in Dallas that you can find a French property that is truly impressive. A gigantic manor with incredible surrounding, that is worthy of the 33 millions dollars asked to the future owner!

“Folie des grandeurs”

This manor at 10711 Strait Lane was designed by Robbie Fusch and built in 2003 by Rob Thompson, before being sold to a famous dentist in 2008, Dr Richard Malouf. Very happy to own a giant manor, Dr Malouf and his wife decided to built the adjacent homes and added them to the initial property for more privacy, and to connect them by a bridge and a garage. At the beginning, Dr Malouf bought the house for approximately 10 millions dollars, so that is quite a deal!

Now all the lot at 10711 Strait Lane represents 4.36 acres and nearly 2000sq.m of living area. The neighbouring houses were turned into a gymnasium to complete this 8 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms property.

Inside 10711 Strait Lane, all materials are nobles such as the vaulted ceilings: wooden floors, marble, incredibly well finished stones…all that represents French refinement and an incredible sense of detail. Of course, an elevator has been built to use your moves between the different floors and the master suite has two baths for him and for her, as well as two separate dressing rooms. Each room has an en-suite bath but the top of luxury stands in all the “entertainment” rooms.

Indeed at 10711 Strait Lane you can also find a gym, a spa, many playrooms, but also a basket course, a bowling alley, a 10 cars garage and even a DJ room! But wait and see what is waiting outside the manor.

A fantastic park

Because they had to use all these acres, Dr Malouf built his own water park at 10711 Strait Lane worthy of the greatest resorts with waterslides, a spray park, and even a river. And of course, all of that remains earth-friendly.

In addition to this amazing water park, you will find behind the property at 10711 Strait Lane a second pool for your guests but also a lot of resting outdoor spaces with fire pits, a tennis court, two cabanas and other sport courts. Moreover, all these spaces are bordered with beautiful palm trees.

It should be difficult to imagine yourself living in such an entertaining estate, and yet 10711 Strait Lane is truly available on market, but now you understan why it is so expensive!

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