1201 Laurel Way: An amazing and wonderful jewel box overwhelming Beverly Hills

At 1201 Laurel Way in Beverly Hills, you can find one of the most impressive houses for sale. Built in 2013, this house made of glass, water and fire located on a hill with the most breathtaking view of California.

Unparalleled architecture

The house at 1201 Laurel Way represents a careful work and extraordinary years of conception. Each line, design component, water drops and plants marry are marrying perfectly and create a romantic, warm and contemporary atmosphere.

This is a rare house to be seen, a true wonder of architecture. The nature that surrounds the house makes it more impressive while the different fireplaces inside and out procure comfort and artistic beauty.

Inside this box of glass and water, you will find a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere.

Guided tour

At 1201 Laurel Way everything is created to be a jewel box. 11.200 sq.m of luxury and comfort. The design is warm but still modern. All furniture is carefully chosen and remains unique, functional and provides a dramatic sensory experience.

Each room is a true piece of art that combines perfectly with each other. The walls seem to be floating in the air such as huge panels that connect you with outdoor spaces. As soon as you arrive at the 1201 Laurel Way, a huge wood pivot door surrounded by glass welcomes you and gives you access to the main floor.

All around your visit, the glass floors reveal the wine cellar and the wet bar beneath. As you walk into the house, you will discover the huge living spaces as the living room, the dining room and the fully equipped and modern kitchen. From the main floor, a cantilevered Wenge steps will lead you to the third floor, giving the impression of walking in the air.

The entire third floor at 1201 Laurel Way is dedicated to the master suite. There, are an impressive glass fireplace, Italian cabinetry and a bath/spa. As for outdoor spaces that surround the floor, no less than 2.500 sq.m of terraces are added to the bedroom, with a 6-person hot tub, and one of the most stunning views of Beverly Hills.

On the other side of the house at 1201 Laurel Way, is located the guest suite, just above the garage with living room, gym and office. All around the house you will find amazing water plans and plunge pools mixing to a perfect botanic garden.

1201 Laurel Way is actually for sale for $42.000.000.

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