A condominium tower by Pininfarina in Singapore

Pininfarina and Far East Organization have been working in tandem in order to build a condominium tower in Singapore uniting the elegant lines of luxury automotive with simple and massive structures of modern architecture. The result is a 102 meter-high residential tower crowned with two shapes firmly inspired by automotive design.

An outdoor palette of wood articulates balconies and sky terraces. The openings in the balconies allow the nervous lines to be tilted up, reminding the air intakes of car bodies. This colossal and futuristic design symbolizes the brand signature.

“When looking back at the roots of our brand and its history, one may notice we get a deep inspiration from future. We try to associate our style and our brand to the luxury sector which is the original sector of my grandfather, Pinin Farina. My grandfather used to say: ‘cars of luxury and grand luxury’. 2013 is the year of the BMW Gran Lusso coupé in the automotive sector and the Ferra project in the non-automotive. This is definitely grand luxury.” says Paolo Pininfarina, CEO of Pininfarina.

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