Fireworks Fantasy Bra by Victoria’s Secret: the most expensive bra in the world

Victoria’s Secret just announced the upcoming of the Firewoks Fantasy Bra, a 2 Million Dollars bra, created by the famous jewellery brand Mouawad.

A luxurious collaboration

When a famous lingerie brand as prestigious as Victoria’s Secret associates with a world-renowned jeweller, they make the Fireworks Fantasy Bra, the most expensive bra in the world.

The lingerie brand will introduce this unique art piece at the “Firework” fashion show on December 8th and the young Angel Model Lily Aldridge will have the honour to wear this masterpiece.

Victoria’s Secret is famous for it’s modern and fashion collections, for it’s prestigious fragrances and body care, as Mouawad is an outstanding jeweller. This one is renowned all around the world for its artistic excellence and superb craftsmanship. Together these two brands managed to design a rare and precious piece.

A unique masterpiece

The Fireworks Fantasy Bra and its detachable belt are adorned with over 6.500 precious gems. In gold 18 karats, it is made with diamonds blue topaz, yellow sapphires or again pink quartz.

The Fireworks Fantasy Bra is inspired by the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Flirt Bra, available since the 11th of October in-stores and online.

The Fireworks Fantasy Bra is more than just lingerie for this price and is a true amazing wonder that deserves to be well preserved.

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