The Haas brothers’ outstanding design

Twins Nicolai and Simon Haas continue to amaze us with their creativity and tremendous design. Their talent was acknowledged by the most astonishing artists of the fashion world like Lady Gaga, Versace or Peter Marino.

The famous R 20th Century gallery was the first one to help them. The New York based gallery invited the most innovative and artistic craftspeople and offered them a great showcase.

Last June at the 2013 Design Miami in Basel, the two brothers exhibited a collection of originals furniture considered by some as eccentric and by others as genius. Their design might be a matter of debate for a few people but everyone is in agreement about their experiments on both the shapes and the materials used.

This collection has a futuristic feel as well as a gracious touch inspired by the animal kingdom. With all due respect to the purists, furs, mosaics or skins are part of the show. It should also be noted that all these furniture are homemade.

Graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, the Texan born brothers, have golden hands and heads full of ideas. It is more than enough to shake up the codes of Design.

haas-brothers (1) haas-brothers (2) haas-brothers (3) haas-brothers (4)


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