Obut gives the « Triplette » a total revival with its « Alchimie » set made with gold and diamonds

Who said that boules are old-fashioned? Obut and Tournaire jewellery prove that boules sets have their place in a museum or beside the most valuable of your objects thanks to the fabulous “Triplette Alchimie”, a true work of art created between fathers and sons.

Most luxurious boules set in the world

With their strong familial past, their traditions and know-how, Obut and Tournaire managed to create a fabulous object that most of us would have said too vintage. But the “Triplette Alchimie Obut” will give you the desire to revise your pitch.

Created for collectors who love art pieces and precious objects, as well as boules players, “Triplette Alchimie Obut” is totally unique. These three boules are adorned with 180 grams of gold and more than 12 carats of diamonds. Of course, they come with a jack ball, the unmistakable piece of the set, also made with diamonds and gold.

Family passion

Whether at Tournaire or Obut, fathers transmit their know-how to their sons and it is this particular familial alliance that gave birth to “Triplette Alchimie Obut”.

You can find the distinctive sign of the jewellery, the “Trilogy” past / present and future from Tournaire, but also its sense of details, the subtle assembly of forms and colours and its taste for symbols. “Triplette Alchimie Obut” is also marked with the diamond squares, circles and triangles, the forms of Tournaire’s trilogy.

“Triplette Alchimie Obut” also represents a remarkable work of cutlery representative of Obut, true icon of this sport so appreciated by the Frenchs. Created by an industrialized process and following a rigorous follow-up, this unique piece represents the house’s legacy, after 60 years of creations.

“Triplette Alchimie Obut” is also exceptional by its price because it costs 100.000 euros! A true proof of rarity and luxury that will also benefit Autism Forez Les Dauphins association, because some of the benefits will be donated!

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Discover Triplette Alchimie

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