No it is not a dream, the Playboy Mansion is actually for sale!

One of the most famous properties in the world, The Playboy Mansion become the most expensive house for sale in the United-States. Its owner, the well-know Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy who is now 89-years old has finally decided to sell its property…or so!

A mansion as famous as enormous

Playboy Mansion is known all over the world because of the huge parties that the owner organized there and also for its residents, the famous playmates. Indeed, it represents no less than 20.000 sq.m, 29 rooms and a guesthouse with 4 additional bedrooms.

Located in one of the most valuable quarter, Playboy Mansion overhangs Holmby Hills, a quarter that forms with Bel Air and Beverly Hills the “Platinium Triangle” of Los Angeles. The mansion is sold as a completed house and move-in ready and offers all the most luxurious equipment: wine cellar, catering kitchen, tennis courts, swimming pools, gym, home theatre, spa…ans offers many Multiple Listing Services for maintenance and comfort. A dreamed estate? Maybe not!

The other side of the sale plan

It seems that Playboy Mansion may hide less pleasant surprises. Indeed the price of the house is fixed at $200 million, but the property in fact doesn’t represent more than 80 or 90 million.

Playboy Mansion’s fame, its size and ideal location are the reason of such an expensive price. But the English manor is still dated from 1927 and there should be a lot of work to do to keep it in good condition. Former playmates who lived there has often talk about an old house that seems “stuck in the 80’s”, where everything seems tired and where many finishes have to be fixed.

Cherry on the cake, if you buy the Playboy Mansion, you will also have to deal with its owner! Indeed Hugh Hefner still lives in the manor and works there and he doesn’t want to leave before his death. So this incredible sale turns out to be the most expensive life lease in the world!

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