Savelli Ruby Limited Edition: a $57,500 luxury android smartphone

Savelli, the revolutionary Maison merging technology and luxury craftsmanship, launches a Ruby Limited Edition pursuing its collaboration with Gemfields, the world leading coloured gemstones company.

The Savelli Ruby Limited Edition will be unveiled in Geneva in January 2015, during the watch fair “Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie” (SIHH) occasion.

Designed for contemporary women

Having created the first luxury smartphones designed especially for women, Savelli is positioned as a one-of-a-kind piece of handcrafted high jewellery.

Exceptional in every detail, the Savelli collection is highly recognizable by its unique and elegant signature design inspired by the “Line of Grace” – a timeless concept of beauty and femininity reinterpreted by Savelli.

The Ruby Limited Edition is a perfect demonstration of the Geneva-based Maison’s savoir-faire and luxury craftsmanship. In the Savelli atelier artisans sculpt gold and set the precious stones in great detail with care and patience, by using the same techniques honed in high watchmaking and jewellery to create every smartphone by hand.

Savelli continuously advocates the exquisite craft of gem-setting.

Alessandro Savelli, founder and CEO of Savelli, has always had a special relationship with rubies. Coming from a family with a long-time tradition in goldsmithing and jewellery, he has a wide and deep knowledge of precious stones, their characteristics and their meanings.

“After collaborating with Gemfields in the Emerald Limited Edition with those charming coloured stones, Savelli is now pursuing the ‘king of gemstones’ – the Ruby. I have always been fascinated by this gem and also rediscovered it recently in an old family jewel. A symbol of passion and eternal love, it was a precious gift for my wife. Now, with this exclusive new line, I would like to share the magic and beauty of rubies to all Savelli women”.

The Savelli Ruby Mystery and the Savelli Ruby Passion

Appreciation of rubies is just as celebrated today. The Savelli Ruby Limited Edition is designed for a contemporary woman – powerful, self-confident, passionate but also romantic.

It is the ultimate object of desire, empowering its owner with a unique and treasured possession.

In the Savelli Ruby Mystery, 395 brilliant-cut rubies are hand-set with the ‘snow setting’ technique on the 18-carat white gold heart. Rubies of differing diameters sit side-by-side, covering the gold, enhancing the sinuous curves of each piece. The flaming rubies arise in this total black handset, with PVD treatment. The Ruby Mystery is limited to 20 pieces.

The Savelli Ruby Passion, introducing yellow gold in the Savelli collection for the first time, is limited to 8 pieces. In this stunning model, the top heart illuminates with 395 brilliant-cut rubies and the 18-carat yellow gold is set with 144 brilliant-cut diamonds in a unique ‘rain setting’ technique, shimmering like drops of rain. Highly delicate and precise craftsmanship is demanded on these challenging designs on curvaceous surfaces.

The Savelli Ruby Limited Edition including a Ruby Unique Piece will be unveiled to the press from January 20th to 22nd 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues in Geneva.

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