Stand out with the new Iphone 7 Black Diamond by Gresso and its 1450 black diamonds!

If you’re found of new technologies then you too should have notice how fast the last Iphone 7 was out of order, even before its official release. But anyway who wish to buy a simple Iphone 7 with your refined tastes when he can have an Iphone 7 Black Diamond at Gresso’s?

Did you said “bling”?

Gresso is a manufacturer specialized in luxury smartphone and accessories design, and when it comes to luxury, it isn’t just a question of good tastes. Indeed, Gresso chooses finest and rarest materials to build their smartphones and other products such as the Iphone 7 Black Diamond, made with grade 5 titanium, gold and diamonds.

Iphone 7 Black Diamond is a rare and limited edition with only 3 units available. Besides being framed with 18kts gold, this high-end smartphone from Apple was encrusted with 1450 black diamonds that represents a total of 104 kts!

In addition to the numerous diamonds at the back of the phone, you can admire the camera frame and Gresso logo on Iphone 7 Black Diamond, made with 10 grams of gold 18 karats. The phone body was also crafted from premium grade-5 titanium. So you’ll easily understand why it takes more than 18 hours to Gresso’s craftsmen to handcraft carefully each phone!

Precious until its accessories

Iphone 7 Black Diamond is naturally equipped with last Apple IOS 10 operating system and has an internal memory of 256GB.

But who would buy an Iphone 7 Black Diamond for 500.000$ and connect simple white wireless AirPods recently launched by Apple firm? Certainly not the future owners of an Iphone 7 Black Diamond that could add to the luxury phone a pair of Gresso AirPods encrusted with 30 black diamonds for a total of 2kts!

Okay we confess, we passed quickly on the Iphone 7 Black Diamond’s price that represents half a million dollars, but you can also choose an other product from Gresso such as an Iphone 7 from the Diva collection! They are also made with gold, diamonds, and titanium but they come with a starting price of $2.000 and are limited to 999 pieces. So, are you seduced then?

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