Sea bottom is now accessible thanks to the amazing C-Researcher 2-2000

U-Boat Worx manufacturer has created a series of submersibles for 2 or 3 passengers that can reach seabed and allow you to observe submarine life there, giving you an access to a world that few people have seen. And you can do all of that thanks to C-Researcher 2-2000.

Made for professional and individual

Whether you are a scientist, reporter or just an individual who wishes to add a submarine engine to his luxury yacht, C-Researcher 2-2000 will allow two passengers to reach a remarkable depth of -2000m. The same series understands other engines for three persons that can reach variable depths.

What makes C-Researcher 2-2000 essential for individuals and professionals it’s the amazing field-of-vision that let you admire sea world under all aspects, even under your feet. The acrylic sphere offers the widest view and even a robot-like arm that can be deployed outside the submersible.

The C-Researcher 2-2000’s six thrusters are powerful enough to let you manoeuvre easily and precisely even at high speed. So where other apparels can take an hour to reach seabed, C-Researcher 2-2000 travels the same distance in only 30mn.

Then, thanks to its amazing technology and pressure-tolerant lithium-ion battery C-Researcher 2-2000 is lighter and compacter than other apparels from the same category. Moreover, it also supports high-intensity LED lights as well as climate control without ever abandon passengers.

Most comfortable and safest

But C-Researcher 2-2000 possesses many other assets compare to other apparels of the same segment. A particular attention has been paid to passenger’s comfort with large spaces for head and legs, as well as first-choice leather seats for long excursions. Every demand can be realised upon request, depending on your particular needs.

Then, C-Researcher 2-2000 is the safest submarine apparel on market that can float or reach the surface in case of emergency under the sea. Moreover, it corresponds to all actual safety norms and is always the subject of extensive researches to improve its safety.

Finally, C-Researcher 2-2000 commands have been realised in a very simple way and even a child could operate it! More precisely, the Manta Controller allows the pilot to move the apparel with precision and then the touchscreen offers all principal functions at a glance or secondary functions with the touch of a simple button.

Each person that owns a C-Researcher 2-2000 will be able to make any bespoke request concerning functionalities or design customisation. He will also be able to keep the apparel in good conditions with low maintenance costs and realise true energy savings.

Manoeuvre underwater or on the surface has never been so simple thanks to C-Researcher 2-2000!

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