The new smartphone Vertu Constellation

Vertu’s latest smartphone is a unique mixture between design and power. It is undoubtedly a reference thanks to the company’s knowhow associated to an elegant and contemporary style that makes it unique.
Following the firm’s manufacturing mode, this new smartphone is handmade in Church Crookham, England. A craftsperson takes the handheld in charge till they feel satisfied with their outcome; they itch by then their signature to mark their craftsmanship.

Beyond the great design and the features quality, Vertu Constellation carries diverse criteria that make it a high-tech jewel:

– Its sapphire crystal screen is able to resist to a one-meter-height steel ball dropping (200g), it is almost scratch-proof.
– The handset’s body is composed of a forged 5 titanium alloy. Such a material is usually used in the aerospace and car industries, considering that titanium is twice more resistant than steel, and yet half the weight.
-The phone’s back is swathed of high-end quality leather available in 5 different colors.

After the Vertu Ti Ferrari, the English brand presents a wonderful featuring of elegant design and top-range technology for a way better customer satisfaction.

vertu constellation couleur
vertu constellation
vertu orange edition
cuir vertu constellation
pink edition vertu
vertu constellation face
Vertu constellation luxe
black edition vertu

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