The Lux Dog Harness by Brikk: ultimate pet bling

Design and luxury pioneering, U.S based brand Brikk just announced their latest collaboration with the international pet brand Buddy Belts, widely known for its Buddy Belt Harness, to create the ultimate fashion accessory for your furry friend: the Lux Dog Harness.

Ultimate pet fashion

Brikk redefines the meaning of opulence for our furry friends.

The Lux Dog Harness is made from premium-grade, black stingray leather and each harness is finished with an under layer of ultra soft leather.

The hardware is plated in 24K yellow gold and sparkles with over a carat of color DE, clarity WS, natural, conflict-free diamonds. The stunning hardware includes a well placed selection of Brikk‘s signature seven-sided Heptagon studs with a diamond tip and a diamond encrusted buckle.

The Lux Dog Harness is available in all standard Buddy Belts sizes from size 1, which will accommodate a 2-pound (1kg) dog, to size 10, which will comfortably fit a 100+ pound (46 kg) dog. All harnesses are beautifully presented in custom Brikk packaging.

Prices vary according to the size and will range from $7,000 for sizes 1-4, $8,500 for sizes 5-7 and $10,000 for the rest.

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Brikk-Lux-Dog-Harness-1 Brikk-Lux-Dog-Harness-8 Brikk-Lux-Dog-Harness-7 Brikk-Lux-Dog-Harness-6 Brikk-Lux-Dog-Harness-5 Brikk-Lux-Dog-Harness-4 Brikk-Lux-Dog-Harness-3 Brikk-Lux-Dog-Harness-2

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