The Villa L’Escalet in Saint Tropez: pure design

Sitting amongst the St Tropez hills, just ten minutes from the famous beaches of Pampelonne, Villa L’Escalet is a sun-drenched architect’s house of 200 sqm imagined by Vincent Coste Architecte.

Besides its oustanding design, Villa L’Escalet offers you the possibility to either enjoy Saint Tropez‘s amazing night life, or simply live among nature in a secluded environment in the beautiful French Riviera.

Architect’s villa in L’Escalet, Saint-Tropez

Nestled between rocky hillsides, lush forests and crystal clear waters, Villa L’Escalet is an intimate natural oasis with a panoramic sea view that features an outstanding design.

Thanks to a composition of independent volumes, guests can enjoy a wide range of panoramas. To save some space, each volume works as a pavilion to avoid inland surface circulation.

This way, Vincent Coste Architecte achieved to create an indoor area of 120 sqm. Villa L’Escalet features 5 spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms that can accomodate up to 10 people.

Then, step inside the fully equipped, open concept kitchen, where a 180-degree view of the sea makes cooking a pleasure. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open completely flood the kitchen and living room with natural light.

Step out onto the 180 sqm terrace and enjoy the outstanding 40 sqm infinity pool.

To top it all, a large wooden structure offers you shadowed areas wherever your are outdoor. Moreover, this wooden structure was particularly studied to meet the requirements of sustainable development and to respect the natural character of the site.

If you are interested by the design and the situation of Villa L’Escalet, the villa is available to rent via the luxury vacation service Le Collectionist.

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