Trefecta URB Speed Pedelec: perfect compromise between man and machine

Thanks to Perfecta and its experts from automotive and aerospace industries, E-bikes market has taken a step forward. Indeed, the bike URB Speed Pedelec reveals unique capacities and functionalities, and all of that with unparalleled style.

Man and machine’s strength united

More than a simple electric bike, URB Speed Pedelec is a mix of technologies and connectivity. Built with the highest materials with high-performing components, the bike offers unique high-end functionalities.

With URB Speed Pedelec, the machine magnifies man’s strength. The bike effectiveness is at its peak as the biker uses its strength to pedal at low-speed, and when the engine propels him at high speeds. The engine is a 4 kW HSP2-4 model, a true hybrid combined to a Smesh gearbox. It can reach a top speed of 75 km/h, a true prowess in terms of performance and effectiveness.

But that’s not all! URB Speed Pedelec’s effectiveness can also be measured during long-distance rides, thanks to its Li-ion battery that can last during approximately 100km. During long rides, an emergency battery is also provided that is easily portable. The bike has an aluminium frame as well as carbon fibre wheels, all lightweight components that allow it to be more powerful wherever in city or on less practicable roads.

Control at your fingertips

In order to bring more help during the ride, URB Speed Pedelec reveals unequalled handling, and can be fully adjusted with a simple touch screen. The suspensions stiffness can be controlled thanks to the adjustable forks, and be controlled during your ride thanks to a unique electronic technology located at the centre of the handlebars, or even via a mobile app!

Having control, that is the sensation offered by URB Speed Pedelec. The integrated digital system allow you to adjust the machine’s settings and access all informations in real time like speed, battery’s life, transmission, range…

With this system, you can adjust URB Speed Pedelec while pedalling and control all its functionalities like suspensions stiffness, but also gearshift. A phone dock allow you to access more useful settings via fly-by-wire connectivity, like the alarm. Finally, many other options are available to improve safety and security like rear mirror or reflectors.

So URB Speed Pedelec represents the perfect machine for all type of roads, all type of weather and all type of use!

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