JetSurf: Born for fun

JetSurf was founded in 2008 by Martin Sula with the intention of pushing the boundaries of water sports. Designed and produced in the Czech Republic by a ten of cutting edge engine designers, who’ve turned their years of experience in designing racing engines for Formula 1 into the latest watersport revolution, the JetSurf is an ultra lightweight motorized surfboard.

A new way to ride

After  7 years of development and 10 prototypes, Martin Sula, Tadej Sterk and Zbynek Bures, succeeded in combining their knowledge and expertise in fields such as combustion engines, hydromechanics, composite materials, and electrical engineering to bring the idea of a motorized surfboard to fruition with the realization of the JetSurf power board.

This outstanding motorized surfboard comes equipped with a two-stroke engine, specially developed for JetSurf. Only geniunely advanced materials and processes are used in the production, guaranteeing great performance in extreme circumstances. Sections of the engine and the hull are made from Formula 1 grade Kevlar Carbon Fibre, making it both lightweight, rigid and very maneouverable.

By using the most advanced technology, JetSurf has succeeded to reduce the total weight of this outstanding power board and accessories to 14 kg, or 30lbs. Thanks to this unmatched power-to-weight ratio, the JetSurf power boards offer great performances. It also allows all users of JetSurf power boards to travel easily around the world — a unique attribute in comparison to other motorized vehicles.

JetSurf offers three models : the Ultra Sport model for beginners, only available in a basic white design layout, can reach a top speed of 48 km/h, the Factory GP100, available in three layouts, was designed for all kinds of surfers and can reach 55 km/h. Last, but not least, JetSurf designed the Pro Race model for the pro-riders. Available in three different layouts, this model can reach a top speed of 57 km/h and is suitable for competition. 

Moreover, JetSurf power boards have been developed with extreme care to minimize environmental impact. Having passed homologation standards for noise emissions, JetSurf power boards use an internal combustion engine that enforces the technology, Greentech, and complies with the emission limits set for motor vessels. The complete drive unit is certified and approved by the European Commission and received the European Union label, CE.

If you are tired to wait for the waves, JetSurf power boards could be the ultimate toy you were waiting for. The Ultra Sport model, the Factory GP100 and the Pro Race model can be yours for 9 800 €, 11 000 € and 11 000 € respectively.

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