Solarin: high-security smartphone is now available for more than 12 000 euros

Sirin Labs revealed the product they worked on for many years: the truly smart phone that is also the most secured phone in the world, called Solarin. Available with many unseen innovations in terms of design, rigidity and security, it easily justifies its price : 12 240€ .

Military security

Aimed to businessmen who hold a lot of confidential information, Solarin Smartphone claims to be ultra-secured and protected from any cyber-attacks. Announced as the best smartphone in the world, it is equipped with unique technologies, directly borrowed to military security. So this mobile can’t be attacked without affecting its usability or functionality.

Solarin Smartphone owns the most advanced technology in terms of confidentiality, activated by a simple Security Switch located at the back of the handset. This switch allows you to encrypt all your calls and texts, so your phone becomes as impermeable as a shield.

A precious travelling companion

Who says business means a lot of travels, and that is why Solarin Smartphone is dedicated to offer a perfectly fluid debit and connectivity everywhere on the planet. Thanks to its processor and superior WiFi connectivity, but also to its multi-Gigabits WiGi, Solarin Smartphone car quickly upload your content, wherever you are, stock your photos and files in a cloud, but also stream quickly all videos with a total fluidity. Moreover, Sirin Labs has added the most powerful battery on the market that can also be charged very quickly.

Then Solarin Smartphone has numerous qualities in terms of video and audio, with a 23,8 megapixel camera and autofocus laser, two flashes, a 5,5” screen and 2K resolution. As for the sound, high-tech audio system has been incorporated with bass-boosted speakers linked to a sound amplifier that reveals a pure sound without distortion.

When you look at Solarin Smartphone you are strike by its elegance. With its metal composite chassis and titanium panels, it is available in four different colours. But then again, all was thought to bring a maximum of quality because the phone is extremely solid and its camera, leather panel and curved display screen are all perfectly protected against impacts.

If you wish to buy the most secured phone in the world, you can order Solarin Smartphone on Sirin Labs website, or find it in their shop in London!

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Discover Solarin Smartphone on Sirin Labs website

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