Aqua-expeditions, the experience of a lifetime

Aqua Expeditions has become a recognized leader in luxury, small ship cruising on the world’s greatest rivers. In 2007, founder Francesco Galli Zugaro realized his dream of launching the first luxury cruise line on the Amazon River in Peru with the 12-suite Aqua Amazon in 2008. The architecturally designed, custom-built vessel offers travelers the comfort and sophistication of 5-star, boutique hotel accommodations, gourmet cuisine and privately guided shore excursions. Building on the success of the Aqua Amazon, Aqua Expeditions launched the 16-suite Aria Amazon in 2011. Departing from Iquitos, Peru, Aqua Amazon and Aria Amazon bring guests into the Amazon rainforest and among the fascinating wildlife of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, home to exotic birds species and enchanting pink dolphins.

Floating five-stars-hotels

Spacious and indulgent, yet intimate enough to feel entirely exclusive, the Aqua Amazon can accommodate a maximum of 24 guests plus crew including the paramedic while the Aria Amazon can accommodate a maximum of 32 guests plus 24 crew including the paramedic and four English speaking naturalist guides. Aqua Expedition’s highly experienced cruise ship captains and the most rigorous cruise ship standards ensure smooth travel and safety on the water.

Glorious accomodations and magnificent views

The suites on both the Aqua and Aria Amazon are over-sized, air-conditioned, and offer the same level of luxury, and arguably a better level of service, than you would experience in a five-star hotel.

Every morning brings a bright new view through your movie-screensized picture window. Kids playing on the banks of the river, flowers blooming in every imaginable color, small villages packed large with life, birds in brighter than possible colors. Indeed, the floor to ceiling windows allow you to admire the wildlife ( pink dolphins, monkeys, sloths) from your waking moment !

Nature as you have never seen it before

Discover the nature as you have never seen it before ! On a black water lake deep in the park, a group of bubble-gumpink-colored dolphins gracefully jump toward the passengers while you can fish for sharptoothed piranha, and catch some.

In your journey along rivers, lakes, and streams, you will see hundreds of kinds of birds, representing more colors and shades than you’d ever see in a mere rainbow.

Lima’s top chef designs ships’ menus

Experience also gourmet Peruvian fare ! Lima’s superstar chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, whose Malabar Restaurant was named one of the World’s Best 100 Restaurants by the 2011 Pellegrino Awards serves as Executive Chef for both of Aqua Expeditions’ vessels.

Schiaffino’s dishes draw on ultra-fresh ingredients from the rainforest, abundant fresh fruit, local caught-this-morning fish, and his own creativity. The opportunity to enjoy gourmet Peruvian fare puts Aqua and Aria passengers at the cutting-edge of the culinary world.

The Aqua Mekong

In 2014, Aqua Expeditions will launch a third luxury vessel, the 20-suite Aqua Mekong on the historic Mekong River between Siem Reap, Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Floor to ceiling picture windows aboard Aqua Mekong allow guests to enjoy captivating panoramas of emerald flooded forests, colonial churches and stilt villages in the privacy of their suite. Guided shore excursions include enlightening visits to remote Buddhist temples and onto Cambodia’s vast Tonle Sap Lake before continuing on to Angkor Wat.

Which cruises will you choose ?

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