Daymark C5 Go-Kart: discover world’s fastest and most expensive kart toy!

To drive that kart, you should really love thrills and speed. If you are not afraid of being exhilarated and reach unequalled speeds with a simple “toy”, then Daymark C5 Go-Kart is surely perfect for you!

Most advanced of all toys

Daymark C5 Go-Kart is only a toy by its name. Indeed, the Canadian company specialized in light electric vehicles has decided to explore a new type of vehicle, and precisely go-kart.

And this one is more powerful than any supercar in the world! It is provided with remarkable equipment starting by the twelve propeller engines located on the machine’s flanks and rear. These ones allow the Daymark C5 Go-Kart to be extremely lightened knowing that it already weights 200kg.

A 10kWh brushless DC Motors engine as well as 2400 Watt-hours lithium Panasonic battery propel Daymark C5 Go-Kart so fast, whether it is on standard kart or the Ultimate one. Moreover, it possesses rear hydraulic brake discs and liquid cooling system to reach an almost surreal speed.

New record!

Indeed, the brand has worked for long to break the record of the fastest go-kart in the world with Daymark C5 Go-Kart. If the standard version can reach 0 to 60mph in 3.9 seconds, Ultimate one is even faster!

The previous record was detained by a German builder and was 0 to 60mph in 2.635 seconds. And there is where Daymark C5 Go-Kart distinguishes itself because it can reach the same speed in only 1.5 seconds! Absolutely amazing! And yet, the brand wants to improve its kart so it will be able to reach the same speed in less than one second, and then be the fastest vehicle in the world.

Finally, the company is working to reduce its CO2 emissions, an honourable mission in the absence of a reduced price! Indeed, if Daymark standard C5 Go-Kart costs 10.000$, the Ultimate Daymark C5 Go-Kart costs 60.000$! Another record because it is now the most expensive “toy” in the world!

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