Experience an underwater travel with Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

If you are searching for a paradise lost you cant do better than to follow your dreams. For those who do, Laucala Island, located in the South Sea archipelago of Fiji, symbolizes the perfect counterbalance or escape for your holiday.

The perfect island escape

Set upon 3,500 exclusive acres on its own island in the archipelago of Fiji, Laucala Island brings a new meaning to the term all-inclusive resort.” Laucala Island is set amidst coconut plantations, sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, rich green mountains and breathtaking natural beauty, often drawing comparisons as a veritable paradise on earth.

Laucala Island is the perfect island escape, for those who seek the total luxury of privacy and space, relaxing ambience, enjoying culinary delicacies, yet being sportive active. Anything is possible on Laucala – playing a round of golf, cycling the island, game fishing, surfing, diving or sailing the turquoise waters or being pampered in the spa.

Only twenty-five villas widely spread on the northern tip of the island, each with its own swimming pool, leaving ample space giving the most privacy you can imagine. Seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living creates an inspiringly relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere.

Mountain sides, cliff tops white sandy beaches and turquoise waters – this awaits you on Laucala. And if you are looking for an unique and exclusive adventure, Laucala Island offers you the ultimate exploration.

DeepFlight : Explore where few have gone before

After 45 years experience developing the world’s most advanced underwater vehicles, the Fiji resort is the first to offer you underwater travel thanks to its DeepFlight winged submersible. Step inside to the ultimate in exploration.

DeepFlight winged submersibles are designed and built by Hawkes Ocean Technologies, creator of the world’s most advanced manned and unmanned underwater vehicles. Founded in 1995 by renowned ocean engineer and visionary Graham Hawkes, the company operates with a singular objective: to unlock the world’s oceans to human access.

The two-person submersible allows island guests to dive deep into the pristine waters of the South Pacific Ocean. As the pilot in a boundless sea, do whatever comes to mind: do a barrel roll, go inverted, dive straight down. State-of-the-art technology, combined with lightweight, high strength composites and a patented wingeddesign, provides unparalleled speed, range and agility. In addition, DeepFlight underwater craft are always positively buoyant, meaning they automatically float back to the ocean’s surface.

“What’s down there?” Hop in your DeepFlight and find out. Ride along with pods of dolphins. Follow a whale. Explore an ancient shipwreck. See parts of our planet that no human has ever witnessed. And with plenty of life support and battery power, there’s lots of time for discovery.

The 1,500ft plunge in the 21ft long futuristic-looking craft can cost anyone a cool $1,700 but who never dreamt of flying through the ocean ?

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